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Welcome to Precious Angels Dog Grooming where we Promise to love and protect your fur baby(s) as our OWN because they have feeling too!


Precious Angel Dog Grooming is one of the best in-home dog grooming experience which holds one of the most patient, passionate and professional groomers in town...Angel.  I provide dog grooming services in the Northwest part of greater Jacksonville, FL. With 7+ years of experience, I am dedicated to not only making your fur baby look good but feel how he/she deserve to feel which is LOVED!

Offering all services necessary and the BEST products to keep your pet’s fur, skin, and nails clean, vibrant and smelling lovely at all time. From a simple nail trim to a demanding de-shed, all services are provided with patience and love from the comfort of my home.

There’s a 1 on 1 approach taken with every pet. This means your furry friend won’t be left unattended in cages for long periods of time. It also means that overbooking in prohibited unless otherwise discussed. Precious Angels prides itself on building great relationships with you and your pet(s) alike. We strive for a pleasurable session EVERY visit.

 I want to thank you for visiting my website and entrusting me with your fur baby(s). Dogs have made my life much better in too many ways to count and I'd like to also think that they're God's true example of what love should be in this world. For this reason alone I continue to educate, build the dog-human relationship and provide the best service to my clients. Through my love of dog grooming I pray that a GREAT difference is made in my community.


Bring your fur baby in today to experience a more personable grooming experience. No loud noises, heavy traffic, rushed services or worries when in  my care. Water, treats, playtime, and TLC is always in order along with your pet’s groom!

More questions? Special case? Call or text 904-405-4555. You may also find more information and updates on our social media platforms. click the icons below.

Your Favorite Groomer

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