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Dog Grooming with a Purpose


Meet The Owner

I'm not just your Trusted Groomer, but I am also a dog's Best Friend here to offer my Love, Patience, Skill & Expertise to all the Fur Babies

Hi I'm Angel, the sole owner and operator of Precious Angels Dog Grooming, LLC aiming to become YOUR FAVORITE GROOMER! I am a personal skilled and experienced groomer operating out of the comfort of my own home. Serving the Urban Jacksonville Fl area by providing pet grooming and boarding throughout the area and beyond. I'm not just your trusted groomer, but I am also a dog's best friend here to offer my love, patience, skill and expertise to all the fur babies and parents alike.


I have a lifelong passion for dogs which derived from my late grandfather's introduction to the loving four-legged beings. As a little girl he' allow me to help in feeding and walking our family dog Rusty at just the tender age of 4 years old. Ever since then I've not been able to go without these furry babies in my life. I've been grooming dogs professionally for 7 years or more. I started my grooming journey in one of the top companies in the pet industry in 2014, I've been trained extensively in all proper grooming technique to finish each pet with safety and satisfaction in mind. I'm well-versed and skilled on the care and needs of many different breed types, skin, and coat.


It's been my experience that has lead me to believe that it’s not the haircut that matters but the love and patience I strive to give each dog. I pride myself on a job well done and find my craft very rewarding so I don't take my role for granted. If you are looking for a groomer with your furry family's best interest at heart then I can't wait to meet you!

Our Services

You’ll enjoy knowing that we will do whatever is needed to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe.

Small Dogs Full Groom

This service includes shampoo, ear clean, nail trim, styled

Medium Dogs Full Groom

This service includes shampoo, ear clean, nail trim, styled

Large Dogs Full Groom

This service includes shampoo, ear clean, nail trim, styled


XL Dogs Full Groom

This service includes shampoo, ear clean, nail trim, styled

Short-Coated Bath

This service includes shampoo, ear clean, nail trim,  light brushing

Long-Coated Bath

This service includes shampoo and conditioner, ear clean, nail trim and buff, brush and detangle




Very thankful for Angel, I had just rescued a 6 year old Aussie with nappy hair. She done a lovely job on cleaning him up and making him look handsome and happy. Highly recommend her.

- Kimberly 

Funny Pitbull Portrait


We offer many great services for your precious fur baby including but not limited to:



.Nail Trims


.Ear Cleaning

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All full groom and bath service are by appointment only. A deposit is required for 1st time clients. The session duration is 2 to 4 hours. Please be advised there is a forfeiture of your full deposit of service if proper notification (24 hours) of cancellation isn't made to your groomer. Thank you for your cooperation.


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